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  • 2SC2055

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QtyPartManufacturerDatecodeDescriptionPhotoData Sheet 
25 2SC2055 Mitsubishi  in stock, TO92 package   Online Inquiry
25 2SC2055 Mitsubishi   in stock, TO92 package   Online Inquiry
10 2SC2055 Mitsubishi  in stock, TO92 package   Online Inquiry

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Part Manufacturer Datecode Description
2SC1968A Mitsubishi  in stock 
2SC1970 Mitsubishi  12AA in stock, TO220 package 
2SC1970 Mitsubishi  66B in stock, TO220 package 
2SC1972 Mitsubishi  in stock, TO220 package, 100% new and original 
2SC2053 Mitsubishi  07C in stock, TO92 package 
2SC2056 Mitsubishi  1ZA in stock, TO39 package, golden pins 
2SC2078 Sanyo D2C4 in stock, TO220 package 
2SC2029 Siemens ZH in stock, TO220 package 
2SC2078 Sanyo D2C4 in stock, TO220 package 
2SC2081 NEC E24 in stock 

Please contact us for a quotation:
Tel. 0721 15108-0