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  • OCM243

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QuantitàDesignazioneProduttoreCodice data DescrizioneFotoScheda tecnica 
7200 OCM243 OKI 861 in stock, DIP6 package   Richiesta Online
50 OCM243 OKI 861 on stock, 1 channel bidirectional optical MOS relay, DIL6, original tube, can get more within 3 days   Richiesta Online
50 OCM243 OKI 861 in stock, DIP6, original tube   Richiesta Online

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Designazione Produttore Codice data Descrizione
SC61621FH1 Motorola 7945 in stock, in original tubes, each part on a single green tray, can get more within a short time 
NFM840R01G101T1M00-63/T251 Murata 98+ in stock, tape and reel, can get more within a short time 
52.416Mhz   in stock, 52.416Mhz HC49US 32pF Crystal / Quarz 
B82432-A1472-K S+M 98141 in stock, 4.7µH +/- 10% 0.39A Q30 110Mhz, 1812 package, other names: B82432A1472K000, T+R 
715/4540008143 Tele Quarz Group 9814 in stock, 29491.200, Spec: V30115-F180-Y13-2, manufacturer: Tele Quarz Group 
TEA3718SP SGS 89027 in stock, Multiwatt-15 package, original tubes and boxes, DC89027, we do best price! 
7427503 Wuerth  in stock, 6 hole ferrit bead, part no: 742.7503, 400pcs in one box, can get more within a short time 
V23821-A9042-6353-51 Infineon 0119 in stock, fiber optic collimator assembly, original sealed box 
V23816-N1018-L322 Infineon  in stock, fiber optic module OC48 transponder 15km distance, original box, engineering sample 
V23816-N1018-C312 Infineon 02+ in stock, fiber optic module OC48 4-line transponder 2km distance, original box, qualification sampl 

La vostra hotline per un’offerta: 0721 15108-0