V23016-C0006-A101 Siemens

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V23016-C0006-A101 Siemens


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in stock, new and unused relais, original packaging, other names: V23016-C6-A101

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Designazione Produttore Codice data Descrizione
RS-12V SDS in stock, hermetically sealed relais, pulls
RSL2-12V MS in stock, hermetically sealed relais, pulls
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BSM150GT120DN2 Infineon 1608 in stock, brand new and original, from the last production lot, RohS compliant
M67796A Mitsubishi same specs as M67796 but different parameters regarding: 2nd DC supply, base bias, input power, please check the datasheets
SAY115Y ITT 80+ in stock, in stock, DIP16 package
TODX296B Toshiba 07+ in stock, TOSLINK optical module
RD12MVS1 Mitsubishi 08XAA-G in stock, Rohs compliant
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